Scope of Accreditation

(from ANAB-ASQ National Accreditation Board)


ISOQAR has a massive scope of accreditation, with auditors experienced in virtually all sectors of industry and commerce. Below you will find a listing of the areas within which we are ANAB approved to provide accredited certification.

They are categorised under general headings, using the European (EAC) codes adopted by ANAB. The detailed list of specific activities is too large and comprehensive for us to distribute. If you would like confirmation that we have scope to audit your particular area of business, please return the short questionnaire from our information pack. This will help us understand your business and also enable us to provide you with a no-obligation quotation for your ISO 9001 assessment.

EAC CodeActivity
4Textiles and textile products
7Pulp, paper and paper products
8Publishing companies
9Printing companies
10Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products
12Chemicals, chemical products and fibres
14Rubber and plastic products
15Non-metallic mineral products
16Concrete, cement, lime, plaster etc.
17Basic metals and fabricated metal products
18Machinery and equipment
19Electrical and optical equipment
21Aerospace (AS9100)
22Other Transport Equipment
23Manufacturing, not elsewhere classified
29Wholesale and retail trade. Repair of motor vehicles, motor cycles and personal and household goods
31Transport, storage and communication
32Financial intermediation; real estate; renting
33Information technology
34Engineering services
35Other services
39Other social services