Why choose ISOQAR Inc?

...because of our approach...

Understanding what it is like to be on the receiving end of the audit process, ISOQAR has developed a unique package of benefits for companies seeking registration.

Low Costs

ISOQAR’s audit fees are amongst the most competitive in the industry. Expenses are charged at cost for attending companies’ premises within the USA and a certificate is provided free to organizations achieving the standard. To comply with accreditation body guidelines, ISOQAR carries
out triennial audits. Costs for this will be kept to a minimum and discussed with you in advance.

Friendly and Down-to-Earth

There is no need for audits to be traumatic. ISOQAR’s auditors are selected for their ability to work with the management representative from the company and to be approachable; establishing that the management system works for the benefit of the company and checking it as though they were customers of the firm. Emphasis is firmly placed on practicality.

A Rapid Response

Whether it be a query about certification, or an urgent need to achieve registration itself, ISOQAR specialises in providing answers or audits at speed. Friendly help and expert knowledge are always available at the end of a telephone.

The Use of Industry Experts

When selecting staff for a particular audit, ISOQAR will always choose an expert from the industry being audited. This ensures that the audit process takes place in an air of mutual understanding. There is no conflict arising from a lack of knowledge of the challenges faced in running that particular business. The auditor and the company being audited both speak the same language.

Some of our customers currently registered with ISOQAR Inc...

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