10 Reasons To Get Certified A list of ten benefits to having your company go through the registration process for Management Standards is provided here. Once you have decided that ISO 9001 certification is right...>
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Audit Procedure ISOQAR’s auditors are selected to meet the requirements of your particular sector. Your company’s activity, location of premises, size and complexity are all taken into account. Registration to all management...>
Impartiality Statement ISOQAR Inc is the legal entity responsible for certification activities; reference to ISOQAR in this Policy and Public Statement refers to these legal entities. ISOQAR its Directors, Managers and Staff...>
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Fake Certificates An organization that sells vehicles cheaply over the internet is falsely claiming certification with ISOQAR. They are displaying an ISOQAR certificate on their web site. We cannot tell you their...>
Rules of Registration An agreement between ISOQAR Inc. (ISOQAR) and CLIENTS Rules of Registration 1  INTRODUCTION AND SCOPE ISOQAR is a privately owned independent organisation.  The Scope of Accreditation issued by ANAB, is...>
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ISO 27001:2022 Updates ISO 27001:2022 has been published An update to the Information Security Standard ISO 27001 was published on 25th October 2022.  This means that if you are certified to ISO 27001:...>